Case Studies

The Challenge
OWELL BodyCare is a rapidly expanding retailer of healthcare solutions. As a pre-condition to importing and distributing healthcare medical devices in Singapore and meeting HSA’s (Health Sciences Authority) requirements, they had to acquire GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device in Singapore) certification in just 2 months.

Our Solution
In response to the project requirements and the tight schedule our consultant:

  • Provided a realistic timeline to set up the GDPMDS project
  • Clearly explained requirements in terms of resources, documentation and implementation plan
  • Trained and motivated OWELL staff to appreciate the system requirements so that the project did not become a mere “paper chase”
  • Established the need, amongst stakeholders, for OWELL Bodycare to truly benefit from the GDPMDS system
  • Provided training both in English and Chinese for effective transfer of information in an
    interesting manner.

The Result

  • OWELL Bodycare achieved the GDPMDS certification within the agreed timeline
  • OWELL Bodycare employees today are more confident and motivated to continue with the GDPMDS
  • As a value added service, our consultant shared with OWELL Bodycare the requirements of WSH Act
  • Impressed with their prompt support and efficiency, OWELL Bodycare engaged our consultant once again for the WSHA project.

The Challenge
Established 2000, Chong Seng Plastics manufactures top quality plastic products company currently owns over 20 blowing, cutting and printing machines to cater to a huge demand from the food u0026amp;amp; beverage, laundry, electronics and many other industries.

Chong Seng Plastics ISO 9001 on June 2010. However, before acquiring ISO 9001, required systems such as controlling of approved samples, formulation of the products, job as well as machine maintenance of were not maintained adequately The resultant chaos caused production delays and wastage due to reworks.

The Solution
The management believed that ISO 9001 is the way to streamline operations but were not aware of how to approach it. The company is characterised by their Chinese speaking management and working environment. Greenwich consultant, therefore, had to go the extra mile to generate the required documentation in Chinese. They also had to train the Chinese Speaking staff in implementing and maintaining the entire quality system.

The Result
After being certified with ISO 9001 in 2010, the management has experienced excellent control over the business. Since all records are fully maintained and traceable, here is a great reduction in arguments on the shop floor to as well as the tendency pass the buck.

The certification has also helped the company to secure more businesses.

The Challenge
As Singapore’s first full-fledged hawker training and food court management school, Project Dignity’s mission is to educate and enable the beneficiaries with commitment and passion, and enhanced interests in the hawker food trade.

The food stalls and warehouse in Project Dignity are typically run by the disadvantaged and disabled. Project Dignity suffered from poor housekeeping and poorly managed stock system resulting in many challenging issues.

The Solution
Greenwich was by engaged Project Dignity to improve Productivity and housekeeping. Our consultant completed the task within 3 months.

  • They conducted situation analysis to validate the real challenges facing the organisation
  • Photographic record was created to demonstrate before and after’ situation.
  • Assessment of current performance was undertaken to track subsequent improvement
  • Our consultant implemented
  • 5S Housekeeping system step by step to finally achieve significant Productivity Improvement.

The Result
With a huge cultural change within the organisation as a result of 5S good housekeeping practices, the employees today well-organized and responsible for maintaining the systems

The Challenge
EduCare4u Pte Ltd (“EduCare4u”) provides professional and quality education guardianship and tuition services. Since inception, their tuition and guardianship have been growing immensely popular among parents and students both in Singapore and the region.

Educare4u wanted to undertake the SME Management Actions for Results (SMART) programme under SPRING Singapore’s Innovation u0026amp;amp; Capability Voucher (ICV) initiative.

The Solution
Our consultant conducted a thorough diagnosis of the organisation’s management capabilitysystems, such as Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results.

From the diagnosis, EduCare4u stakeholders were encouraged to observe and acknowledgetheir strengths and areas of improvement. They also used this diagnosis as a business guide to close the gaps observed.

The Result
The diagnosis facilitated EduCare4u in their expansion as it helped them to identify the criticalbusiness aspects that needed urgent attention internally before embarking on an outward. The organisation continued to tap on the funding from SPRING Singapore to work on improving their human resource and branding.

Educare4u today is delighted with highly relevant and effective guidance offered by our consultant. Fundamental recommendations as well as follow-up actions were relevant to the resources and time constraints at EduCare4u. The consultants added huge value thanks to a highly-customised solution based on specific resources, culture and profile of EduCare4u

Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd (“CTC”) is one of the leading travel and tour operators in Singapore. CTC has achieved the ISO 9001 certification in 2010, a testament to CTC’s commitment to their customers for a streamlined and documented operational processes in the operations.

The consultant conducted interviews with respective function representatives to determine the gaps and proposed recommendation to improve the Quality Management System to meet ISO 9001 requirements. This process allowed the company to streamline and document the operational processes which helped the company to standardise the operational processes.

The consultant has personalised and customised the approach to meet travel industry unique needs.

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