About Us

Corporate Profile

Since its inception in 2000, Greenwich Management Consultancy (“Greenwich”) has been dedicating our services to sharpen our clients’ competitive edge in the global marketplace and enhance their corporate resilience in a dynamic business environment.

Growing in tandem with the clients we serve, Greenwich was incorporated in 2018 as a private limited company to better position the company for future growth and expansion.

While the corporate structure has changed, our passion and dedication to our clients has not. Enabling their success in the global marketplace remains the paramount focus of our practice and we are constantly striving to serve them better.

Corporate Milestones:
9 Sep 2000: Founding of Greenwich Management Consultancy as a partnership
18 Jan 2018: Incorporation of Greenwich as a private limited company

Our Vision

To be our Clients’ Preferred Lifelong Premier Management Consultants

Our Mission

Dedicate our services to sharpen our clients’ competitive edge in the global marketplace and enhance their corporate resilience in a dynamic business environment

Our Values

Value Add

At Greenwich, we understand that your business operates in a highly competitive, cut-throat environment. In order for you to strive and thrive, you look to us to provide that winning edge. Our mission and mandate is to truthfully add value to your business with our expertise and resourcefulness.


Despite being in the industry for over a decade and earning a name for ourselves, our expert teams are still as enthusiastic as they were at our inception. It is this passion that enables us to surpass expectations from our clients. No wonder, a majority of our business comes from clients who have been with us for over 10 years.


Our commitment is to always work towards delivering promised results within mutually agreed timelines and budgets. This kind of timelines and budgets. This kind of predictability empowers our clients to undertake more and more areas of improvement within their organisation. We are therefore, treated not as vendors but as partners by most of our clients.


In this fast changing world, ‘knowledge’ gives a competitive advantage to any fast-growing organisation. We take it upon ourselves to keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in our various areas of consultancy services. This gives our clients the confidence that they will always maintain
that cutting competitive edge.

Strong Teamwork

Individual strengths can be multiplied manifold when the forces of synergy come together in an organisation. This can be built only with staunch adherence to teamwork. We strive to build a robust spirit of mutual cooperation within our clients’ organizations.

Our Team

The only reason why Greenwich consultants have consistently delivered results to our clients is the professional qualifications and strengths assembled by our experienced teams. All our consultants have rich prior working experience with renowned corporate organisations. On average, they have over ten years of consulting experience which helps them make accurate and robust recommendations.

All our consultants are PMC certified (Practising Management Consultant). The advantage of having worked with clients from various industries and sectors has broadened their vision. This is the reason why our team can easily customise solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our clients appreciate the knowledge and proven expertise of our consultants
  • We are committed to delivering value-added, quality services at competitive rates
  • Thanks to our proven methodologies, our clients experience measurable improvements in:
    – Productivity
    – Staff motivation and retention
  • As a result of the design and implementation of structured systems, policies, and processes; our clients benefit from an orderly work environment
  • Based on our robust structure, our client’s experience faster global expansion and higher market share
  • Our results-oriented approach enables our customers to achieve the required certification at the first attempt or meet their requirements as defined
  • Our robust support systems ensure peace of mind for our customers
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